“a psychological thriller about the woman’s suffrage movement… The script on its own is both horrifying and riveting.  The execution of it, though, is positively Hitchcockian, thanks largely to novel set design and direction, both by Ms. Samuels… it is powerful… Ms. Fae is generally excellent as the poised martyr… she and the technical wizardly around her have chillingly – and importantly – put the suffering back in suffrage.” The New York Times

“Erica Fae and Jill A. Samuels’s drama appears tiny – but its scope is huge… Fae brings Paul, a magnificently brave woman, to life with a light touch and intelligent humor, and makes it plain how much we owe her.”  – The New Yorker

“a brilliant docudrama… this intense flashback serves as a trenchant reminder of the hard work required to bring about substantive, lasting change.”  – Theatremania

“Besides being a living history lesson, the filmic staging and virtuosic performance by Erica Fae make this play an incredibly important piece to see… engaging and visceral from start to finish”  – Huffington Post

“the script is by Erica Fae and Jill A. Samuels, a pair whose theatrical acumen matches the formidability of their subject.  Samuels has directed with imaginative daring, and Fae embodies Paul in an impressive performance, cloaking an iron will with almost unflappable charm… a theatrically poetic evocation… there’s so much imagination and talent at work here that it makes me look forward with anticipation to what anecdota will be up to next.”   – Backstage

The play could not be more timely, arriving at a moment when these issues are fresh again… a stark reminder that change does not come easily, nor without sacrifice.”  – Ms. Magazine

“a well-written script and an astounding performance from Erica Fae… Take What Is Yours is a powerful and moving work, giving Alice Paul her dues…”  –

“this shocking play gives us a glimpse of the violence the suffragettes endured… the finale still has some surprisingly light-hearted twists…” –

“Samuels’ illuminating scenic design concept… exposes Fae (Alice) as a tiny but luminescent source of determination… we owe Fae and Samules a debt as well: for reminding us of the myriad possibilities available in the theatrical event…”  – New York Theatre Review

“Physically mobile set pieces merge with emotionally and intellectually and historically moving words… entrancing theatre…  What we come to feel here on stage is a theatrical sensibility, a physicality, that matches the nature of the story being told… this integral and powerful set design, a choreographed scene partner… History is given a face and repression is given a lashing in this powerful piece of theatre.”  – Urban Excavations

“the most important play any of us could see at this time in our history.”  – Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney


L Magazine feature story/interview with Jill and Erica

NYTimes listing

Ms. Magazine preview story/interview

GO Magazine “Very Best of NYC Theatre”



Erica Fae: 

A Girl Joan

– “totally possessed by spiritual powers… striking.” The New York Times

– “Fae’s thrilling performance… She is an amazing talent that has grasped the ability to use her body, her singing and her speaking voice to create a fictional world around her.  A Girl Joan is an exquisite work of art.” Showbusiness Weekly

– “Fae’s voice and body are expressive tools integrated and mined to the fullest -one suspects she could fill an entire evening’s worth of drama in the sound of a single consonant, while every tick of movement she executes seems meticulously selected and packed with meaning.” Backstage

– “Fae deftly explores Joan’s simultaneous innocence and bravado… With extraordinary conviction and poetic simplicity, Fae crafts a remarkable, dark, nuanced tale.” NYTimes Online

Christine. 1403. – “a beautiful, subtle, short narrative.” – Courier Life Publications

Jill A. Samuels:

what remains is the [stillness] of objects

– “The concept is innovative and intriguing… Using movement and language, the five talented performers create a powerful story.” Backstage

– “brave, strange and beautiful”

– “ Samuels has such a specific and strong sense of spectacle and artfulness…” Time-Based Art Blog 

Ondine – “Brilliantly directed by Jill A. Samuels, this is nothing less than epic theater, incorporating live music, choreography, film and superb ensemble acting. Giraudoux’s witty, proto-feminist, trenchantly political and lyrical writing comes vividly to life and the production is as lavishly costumed as anything you’ll see in town.” Gay City News

The Perfectionist – “… transcendent… Nobody else is doing work like this.” The Georgia Straight, Vancouver 


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