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Following the success of Take What Is Yoursanecdota is in development on a new piece “and now is gone“, while planning to bring Take What Is Yours to new audiences.  We welcome your support as we grow our body of work!

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation online,  CLICK HERE to visit our page on Fractured Atlas (under our company, anecdota.)

We are deeply thankful for MAJOR SUPPORT from The Foundation for Contemporary Arts, the Distracted Globe Foundation, The W Trust, and Barry Appelman and Ildiko Sragli.

Take What Is Yours was developed in residencies at IRT, New Georges, and Naropa.  It was first read at New York Theatre Workshop’s “Readings at 3” series, and workshop performances of Take What Is Yours inaugurated The New OHIO Theatre in October 2011.

Many thanks to Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney; Galen Sherwin of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU); Simin Farkhondeh of Democracy Now!; Ana L. Oliveira, President of The New York Women’s Foundation; biographer Mary Walton; NY State Assemblywoman Deborah Glick; and Heather Roberson of Act Now for leading post-performance discussions.

Many thanks also to Ms. Magazine for offering everyone who came to see Take What Is Yours at 59E59 a complimentary one-year subscription!

And HUGE THANK YOUs to all the following donors from our KICKSTARTER campaign!  Angels one and all.

Lindsay Ackroyd, Tanner Agron, Mercedes Bahleda, Cheryl Baker, Harry Barandes, Brianna Battista, Vivienne Benesch, Erica Berger, Ariel Boles, Deb Braak, Jorge Bravo, Colin Bridges, Kate Campbell Stevenson, Maha Chehlaoui, Maya Ciarrocchi, George Cominskie, Kimiye Corwin, Ben Curtis, Jordan Dann, Jennifer Dienst Kolitch, Craig Dolozel, Katie Down, Lisa Dubin, Dana Edell, Ryan Edwards, KeriLynn Engel, Richard Engel, Rima Fand, Alexandra Farkas, Bertie Ferdman, Rosanne Ferreri-Feske, Eunice Forman, Keith Foster, Nancy Gabor, Mara Gladstone, Meg Gibson, Peter Glantz, Gökcen Gökcebag, Karen Golembeski, Daniel Goldstein, Kate Hamill, Mary Hamill, Stephen Hamill, Elizabeth Hershon, Gina Hirsch, Kate Rose Itzkowitz, Thomas James, Caitlin Johnston, Rainer Y. Judd, Bethany Kay, BJ Kelly, Jeanne Koenig, Lee Langbaum, Howie Leifer, Joyce Liebman, Mary Jane Lindrum, M K, Ian McGullam, Sarah McMillan, Shari Miller, Milwaukee Irish Arts, Nicole Mirante-Matthews, Lydia Moss, Rhonda Musak, Llorraine Neithardt, Christopher Nichols, Anna Nowogrodzki, Rebecca Otto, Caroline Oyama, Pippin Parker, Raj Pathania, Derek Peck, Patty Pierce, Tiago Pires, Sarah Pirozek, J Dakota Powell, Zeyba Rahman, Dave Ratzlow, Kate Richards, Heather Roberson, Dailyn Rodriguez, Vanessa Saft, Dawn Saito, Alicia Samuels & Eric Rosenstock, Helen Samuels, Joanna Samuels, Leigh Samuels, Pam Samuels, Susan and Steven Samuels, Ken Schatz, Eliza Ladd Schwarz, Helen Scully, Kathleen Silberstein, Harriet Singer, Jeremiah Small, Liz Stanton, Jenny Sterlin, Jonathan Stuart, Kaya Stuart, Leigh Stuart, William Stuart, Sway Design, Rachel B. Tiven, Under the Table, Justin Vogt, Mary Walton, WAM Theatre, WaxFactory, Sacha Wheeler, Seth Wiley, Julia Wilkins, Justine Williams, Nora Woolley, Chi-wang Yang, Robert Youngs, Cynthia Zucker.


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